Which Are Better: Decks or Patios?

Dated: July 15 2022

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Many people are drawn to one-floor homes because the accessibility they offer in terms of outdoor space is plenty. However, if you want outdoor space, you don’t necessarily have to move into a single-story home. 

If you move into a multistory home, yet there isn’t already a deck or a patio in place, you can always build one yourself. But which of the two should you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to make your decision. 

Your yard

When trying to decide between a patio and a deck, the answer may be as simple as looking at the layout of your yard. If you live on a slope or your yard contains hills, a deck would be easier to build than a patio. However, if your lawn is flat for the most part, a concrete or fieldstone patio may be the way to go. 

Location of egress

Another detail to factor into the equation is how you plan to access the deck or the patio. Do you have a door that opens directly into your yard, or is your first-floor access located above a walk-out basement? Building a deck or a patio that meets your form of egress is critical. 

Cost of construction

You will also want to take a look at your budget. Complicated decks or stone patios can range in price, so you’ll always want to talk to a professional and get an estimate from someone who knows the industry. You may also need to determine the code requirements and obtain proper permits for your plans. 


The last factor worth considering is how you plan to use your outdoor space. For example, do you want to have access to a fire pit? If so, you’ll likely prefer a patio over a deck. On the other hand, if you like to entertain guests, make sure you plan for an appropriate amount of seating based on how many people you typically entertain. 

Are you looking to expand your outdoor space by creating an area where you can comfortably spend time outside? A deck or a patio might be the answer you’re looking for, though the better option of the two will depend on your preferences and overall vision. Call us to learn more about how to choose between a deck and a patio. 

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