Considering Buying a New Construction Home?

Dated: July 29 2022

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Buying a new construction home is potentially a direct route to getting what you want in a house. The opportunity to buy a finished or partially finished house usually lies with the builder and their level of flexibility. In some markets, semi-custom homes allow prospective owners to choose a floor plan, building materials and decide on details all the way down to drawer pulls.
Even if you enter the scene as the last screw is tightening the remaining faceplate, you might have room to negotiate a few specifics. Get the conversation started by asking these questions that will either put you at ease or raise red flags. 
1. If you're looking at a new development with a plethora of construction companies, the first question should be: Who is the builder? Write down their name and contact information to query whether or not they have a high customer rating or if they are less than trustworthy.
This should be followed with: are they a licensed contractor? Not all states require a license to build a home, so do your research. Licensed professionals usually have higher quality standards and a reputation to protect, so they're invested in their product.
2. Do they provide guarantees or warranties? New home construction has yet to pass the test of time, so most come with an assurance contract of some sort. Ask for everything in writing. Review the terms and conditions in the paperwork. Call an attorney if the language is unclear.
3. Who are the subcontractors? General contractors have the option to hire specialists, or subcontractors, to install elements like plumbing and electrical wiring. Ask who, if anyone, contributed to what you saw as the finished product. Safeguard your home and family by assembling a paper trail, just in case something goes wrong.
4. What upgrades are in the home? Upgrades are usually countertops, cabinet materials, carpets or flooring and/or appliances. Keep in mind that the model home usually has every available accessory and upgrade. If you want quartz countertops instead of granite tile, ask before it's time to sign a contract.
5. Are builder bonuses available? In some instances, the contractor will give an allowance for bonuses, like free upgrades or home warranties. If you're looking for a new construction home during off-peak times like winter, you might be able to snag the fanciest faucet on the market for the price of an ordinary model.
6. Does the price include appliances and other "extras" like lawn sprinklers, alarms or garage door openers? The building company should have a list of all the items included in the listing price, but in case they don't, ask for one.

There are many factors that will influence your decision to buy a new construction home. To discuss if this option is right for you, please feel free to contact us today. 

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