3 Tips for Realizing Your Homesteading Dream in Retirement

Dated: December 22 2020

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So, you’ve made it to the finish line: retirement. Is this really the end of your work life? Many seniors go on to second careers, pursue a number of hobbies, or travel after they retire. Some, like you, are thinking of investing in a homestead, a hobby farm, or simply a spacious lot with a big house that your kids and grandkids can visit any time they want. Because you are looking for a certain kind of place that will be dedicated to specific hobbies and tasks, consider working with a licensed, experienced agent from New Age Real Estate who will best be able to find a property that will suit your new needs in retirement.

Image via Pixabay
Image via Pixabay

Consider the Size of the Property

Will you be running a hobby farm that includes animals, such as chickens and rabbits? If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the farm life but you don’t love the idea of tending to crops and soil year-round, you can look for a home situated on a few acres and populate it with the animal of your choice. Goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and alpacas are popular picks for hobby farmers and homesteaders, as they produce milk, eggs, and wool that you can use. What’s more, these animals are adorable and social pets.

If you’re coming from the city or a more suburban area, you may be unsure as to how much land you actually need in order to start something worthy of being called a "farm" or a "homestead." Ten acres may be a bit too large and prove to be unmanageable, while two acres may provide the "country" feeling you’re going for without taking your time away from what matters most: your family.

Inspect the Features of the Home

When looking at the interiors of properties with your realtor, keep the kids and the grandkids in mind. If you’ve got seven school-age grandkids, for example, you may want to set up a playroom, a game room, or a multipurpose space that can be used to play in during the colder months. If you enjoy cooking and will be entertaining large groups of family and friends, make sure that the kitchen is up to your standards.

Take Into Account Your Other Hobbies

You’ve found the perfect land with the perfect home, and you are thrilled to start your new modern homestead; however, does your new residence contain everything you need to accommodate your or your partner’s individual hobbies? If you need a room big enough to hold a large frame on which you will construct intricate quilts because you are planning on starting a hobby business online, while your partner prefers to work in the garage on a car, a motorcycle, or a woodworking shop, make sure your new property can accommodate these features.

Additionally, if you enjoy walking, running, or biking, you may want to find a home that has not only a spacious amount of land but hiking trails or dedicated bike lanes nearby. Depending on where you are located, you can ask your realtor at New Age Real Estate to direct you to either a rural property or a spacious lot that is closer to the city for convenience. New Age Real Estate can also provide some advice if you need to buy a new home and sell your current house at the same time, which has a number of different pros and cons.

Before moving to your new space, consider what items and services you will need to utilize and book during the move itself. Consider making an appointment with a moving company online, or perhaps you could ask your realtor to direct you to a moving service that will help you avoid lifting heavy boxes and incurring potential injury. You’ve made it to retirement. Let someone else do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new dream home!

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3 Tips for Realizing Your Homesteading Dream in Retirement

So, you’ve made it to the finish line: retirement. Is this really the end of your work life? Many seniors go on to second careers, pursue a number of hobbies, or travel after they retire.,

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